15 Things Dogs Hate about Humans

9 Deviating from the schedule

Dogs are creatures of habit they get accustomed to a schedule and come to expect certain things at certain times try to have a regular schedule for everything from feeding to playtime a dog depends on routine and may experience anxiety if it is not followed if you do not follow a routine it is important to make one and then stick to it.

8 No opportunity to explore

Dogs need their exercise and love going on walks but going for a walk and not having a chance to explore is no fun at all dogs see the world primarily through sense rushing your dog through a walk without allowing them to stop is unkind if you think about it it’s like someone taking you to your favorite store without letting you stop and looking at things if it happens often it will be pretty frustrating.


7 Making them apologize

Many people think that dogs know when they have done something wrong because they look guilty but in reality your dog isn’t sorry that they have cued your shoes or knocked over your plant’s scientists believe that dogs can’t feel complex emotions such as guilt or shame your dog is just reacting to your body language and the tone of your voice they Pierre scared or upset because you are angry at them instead of being upset with them work more on training the behaviors you want to see.

6 Your house has sense they hate

Dogs have about a one thousand to ten thousand of your ability to perceive sense there are smells that we may barely notice but they could be very annoying to your dog try to minimize perfumes cleaning products vinegar chili peppers and citrus scents this is not to say these items can’t be in your house at all but you should provide a place for your dog where the sense would not be a problem for instance if you are in the kitchen cooking with chili peppers your dog should have a comfortable bed away from the area where they can relax.

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