15 Things Dogs Hate about Humans

12 Deserting and isolating

Dogs are pack animals when they are in the wild they do everything together and they are loyal to the pack for a domestic dog you are the leader of their pack when you are not able to spend enough time with your dog they can develop separation anxiety make sure that you take them for walks and give them lots of attention when you can if you work long hours it is a good idea to have someone stop in and check on your pets you could also take them to a doggy daycare now and then so they can socialize with other animals and humans while you are away.

11 Hugging

Even though it’s tempting full-body hugs aren’t good for dogs a hug is usually threatening or unwelcome to them especially if they feel trapped dogs are not human so having someone come up and wrap their arms around their body or neck may be disconcerting most dogs will allow trusted people to hug them but that does not mean that they all enjoy in the way that a human does rather than hugging a dog let the dog lean into you and pet them on their back and chest.


10 Tight leash

Dogs get irritated if they are being pulled on their leash all the time it is painful and can injure them a dog can easily be leash trained with the use of a proper harness and positive reinforcement there is no need to have to tug on the leash when the dog knows his limits and is rewarded when they can heal.

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