People Discover A Dog 100% Covered In Tar !!!

If it wasn’t for people who go out of their way to do everything they can to rescue animals in trouble, lots of them would end up badly harmed. Or worse. An Argentinian not-for-profit organization called “Proyecto 4 Patas” and some locals recently rescued a dog named Aloe who was completely covered in tar. She couldn’t move even an inch and it was a group of kids who alerted people to the animal’s plight.

Fortunately, members of the organization took it upon themselves to help poor Aloe out. It took 8 volunteers 9 hours of nonstop work, 50 liters of oil, and 3 baths to completely clean the doggo.

The silver lining was that Aloe is now healthy and safe, and the problem showed how determined and ready to help the people of Libertad in Buenos Aires really are! From the local kids and neighbors to the police and firefighters, nearly everyone who was there lent a helping hand. 

More info:

An animals rights organization from Argentina shared how they helped save the life of Aloe the dog


The organization “Proyect 4 Patas” has over 313k followers on Instagram and nearly 2 million fans on Facebook. A lot of people support them because they stand against animal experimentation or using animals as clothing, for food, and entertainment.


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