Stray Dog With Disfigured Face Is Making A Beautiful Recovery After Being Rescued

Unfortunately, not all dogs in this world have a wonderful chance to have a warm bed, a delicious meal, and a loving family. Some poor pooches end up wandering the streets aimlessly, looking for scraps to feed on, barely clinging to life. More fortunate ones end up in shelters where they at least have someone to look after them and feed them. And while shelters often end up finding forever homes for their resident doggies, the ones that are usually adopted are mostly cute, fluffy puppies or adorable pooches with striking characteristics.

But despite what a dog may look like, they all deserve a chance at life. Especially those who haven’t been favored in life. One of these doggies is Phoenix, a rescue pup from Oklahoma who has a very distinct face.

According to Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue, this doggie was found wandering the streets of Collinsville looking for food for some time before rescue workers found him. It seems like Phoenix was once in someone’s care, but they failed the poor dog and abandoned him.

This dog wandering the streets of Collinsville was found and rescued in November

Image credits: phoenixthedawg


The dog was rescued off the streets and Family Animal Medicine—Owasso, OK took care of the pooch. The organization quickly provided an update on the pooch’s condition:
“We are investigating all possible causes of Phoenix’s condition and running lab work to identify causes of his skin disease. He is being bathed frequently and is on medications to improve his skin health and provide comfort,” they reported.

Image credits: phoenixthedawg

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