A Kind Priest Encourages Stray Dogs Rescue to Rescue Abandoned Dogs in Mass

The word of God in 1st John 3:17, “little children, let’s not love in word… but in deed and in truth,” is apt for the action of Father Joao Paulo Araujo stray dogs rescue mission. The reverend father of Santana parish in Gravata, Brazil, is promoting rescue abandoned dogs and encouraging his mass to give a homeless dog a home.

For over 33,000 years, man has been friends with dogs. The relationship between man and dog is that of a jolly good fellow, making dogs deserve our help. One can confidently say dogs are excellent companions to man, and when they are in need, we should help them cheerfully!

Father Joao is aware of the struggle of stray dogs rescue. He understands that the role church must bring smiles to the lips of the oppressed. And in every Sunday mass, the kind priest opens the door of his church to dogs. Of course, it’s not that dogs can read the bible or worship with humans. But, by being in church, rescue abandoned dogs stand a chance of finding a home among the kind-hearted people.

Image credits: Padre João Paulo


As the head of the parish, the priest encourages his congregation to invite dog lovers to church. He aims to connect them with the homeless dogs for a chance for adoption and give them a place to stay. Father Joao’s charity for dogs’ mission is working as his church is a meeting point of dog lovers and dogs in Gravata, Brazil.

Dogs do not deserve to be treated as a nuisance. They have been man’s friends for thousands of years. They offer unconditional love and companionship to men. They make us laugh, happy, and feel safe with their presence. Our canine friends are in trouble at the moment across the world. As humans, we know how traumatizing it is to be homeless. As Christians and believers in God, we need to show compassion and be kind, not only to fellow humans but to dogs as well. That is the message being passed by Father Joao in his rescue abandoned dogs’ efforts.

Image credits: Padre João Paulo

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