Research Shows Puppy Training Classes Help Young Dogs For The Rest Of Their Lives

Stefan Cioata/Getty Images

When you get a very young puppy, chances are you’ll need to train them to get comfortable with humans and other pets. They aren’t yet used to the dynamics of being a pet and all the actions that go with it, like being petted and being trained for home life. All of these can be stressful if not properly addressed.

New research shows that bringing your young pup to a puppy training class even once a week will help alleviate feelings of fear or aggression that they may have in their new environment. Lead researcher Dr. Angela Gonzales-Martinez of the Santiago de Compostela University explored the benefits of puppy training in 80 pups.

They found that puppies who went through a six-week class coped better when interacting with strangers, became more behaved, and felt less stressed in general. Usually, experts recommend doing socialization training when your pup is around four months old.

“Attending puppy class may be important for social exposure with other puppies and people, which could have an association with the dog’s long-term behavior,” says Dr. Gonzales-Martines in an interview.


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