Teaching your puppy to be alone

Leaving your puppy alone: the first training sessions

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So, after a few days of adaptation, you can gradually begin to practice daily exercises with your puppy. Leaving your dog alone should be done in stages! Don’t go too fast at first: leave your puppy alone when he’s playing with one of his new toys or nibbling on a delicious chew bone, and come back to the room after a minute (no more, because he doesn’t want to miss you). That way, your puppy will learn that when you’re away, you always come back. So he’ll consider the moments you’re away as completely ordinary.

The second step is a bit more challenging: leave the room or apartment and leave your dog alone for a short time, when his attention isn’t focused on any distractions. After two minutes, come back to your puppy and behave normally and playfully, so he’ll understand that it’s perfectly natural for you to be away.

If your puppy has started crying while you’re away, ignore him and shorten the time for the next exercise. Praise him when he’s been calm.


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