Teaching your puppy to be alone

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Dogs are very sociable animals who enjoy the company of their pack. But at one time or another, all masters are led to leave their puppy alone. It is important to teach your dog to stay alone very early on! Indeed, an adult dog who has never been alone will experience this ordeal with great difficulty and anxiety. Teaching your puppy to stay alone is not a magic trick, this article tells you all about it!

When to teach your puppy to stay alone?

As a general rule, when a puppy arrives in a new family, he has never been alone yet, because his brothers and sisters have surrounded him during his first weeks, 24 hours a day. Give your puppy time to get used to his new lifestyle, new family members and his surroundings. It’s important to bond with your puppy so that he feels comfortable and confident, a prerequisite for leaving him alone later on. A puppy owner should therefore teach his puppy to stay alone for a few days after adoption.


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