6 tips to turn your dog into a guard dog

My experience

First of all I can reassure you that I am not a professional, but I am like you, a simple master who has gone through the same difficulties as you to train my dog Uno. He is an adorable German shepherd and for his well-being and mine, I wanted to first teach him the basic commands before training him for guard duty.

Your doggie must first be sociable and have a perfect basic education before considering making him a guard dog. He must therefore know how to respond to these orders: sit, come, lie down and don’t move. You will see that afterwards, living together is easier, whether at home or outside.

I was lucky and was able to learn dog training from a professional dog handler while working as a night watchman. I then decided to share all the tips I learned with my friends. I know it’s complicated to train your dog and that’s why I want to share my experience with you.


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