Newfoundland Puppies: Everything a New Owner Should Know

If we had to sum up a Newfoundland puppy in one word, we’d go with “sweet.” And no one exemplifies this gentle giant’s patient devotion better than “Nana”—the canine caretaker in Peter Pan. She’s a fictional character, of course, but she displays the breed’s affection towards children perfectly. 

This sweet-tempered “nanny dog” also has a protective side. Their life-saving drive combined with the breed’s muscular build, water-resistant coat, and webbed feet (yes, they have webbed-feet!) made them a prized asset aboard Canadian fishing boats. 

If you’re charmed by this calm and friendly dog, there are a few things you should know before bringing home one of your own. We’ve got you covered with all the facts you need. Read on to see what life might look like with a Newfoundland puppy.

Newfoundland puppy facts 


Known for their giant size and intelligence, Newfoundlands are also tremendously calm and loyal dogs. The sweet-tempered Newfie has a soulful expression that’s hard to resist. Check out the rest of our breed guide to see if this puppy could be right for you!


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