Dog with paralyzed hind legs dumped on street with broken wheelchair and bag of diapers

Many times, people are willing to require care of their pets only while they’re perfectly fit and freed from any diseases. But the instant the furry relations face certain health issues, some owners believe they’re not well worth the struggle and therefore the finances and choose to urge obviate them.

This was the fate of poor Lunita, a paralyzed dog that was found tied to a rail front of a grooming shop in Salta, Argentina. Unable to maneuver , she was left to the mercy of the passersby. Fortunately, one among them felt pitying the helpless creature and alerted LUBA Salta, a rescue organization, about Lunita’s condition.

Once the rescuers came to the scene, they might see the dog laying faced down on the bottom , placed during a partially broken wheelchair, with a bag of diapers by her side.
It was obvious Lunita was in need of urgent medical aid , so she was quickly rushed to the closest vet’s office where she was given the acceptable medical assistance.

The rescuers were now trying to seek out her a forever home. They were completely aware that it wasn’t getting to be a simple task, but they never lost hope and made sure Lunita’s story was spread around. That’s when a U.S family contacted the organization and offered to offer Lunita a permanent home.


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