Stranger Danger: Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety When Meeting People

Introducing your pet to new people could also be exciting and fun. For dogs, however, it are often stressful if they aren’t wont to seeing new faces. they’ll enter “stranger danger” mode and cower behind you or run away. Even worse, they’ll attack with aggressive behavior. It’s best to tread lightly when letting them meet strangers. Let your pet enjoy new company by helping them recover from their anxiety around unfamiliar people.

The Reason For The Fear

Like other animals, dogs are usually more scared of people than the opposite way around. various factors influence this, especially dogs’ past experiences. for instance , dogs who suffered abuse may find it hard to acclimate to certain people or situations. Pups like these will need tons more treatment, training, and TLC.

However, some dogs just haven’t had socialization training. Insufficient contact with people beyond their household also can cause them to travel into stranger danger mode and behave differently when meeting people. Socialization is vital to dogs, especially once they are young. Anxiety from unfamiliar people can trigger aggressive or shy, nervous behavior. Your dog can also protect their territory and themselves by acting out aggressively against a stranger.

Understanding the rationale for your dog’s fear will assist you manage it and form a treatment or educational program . you ought to ask your vet or a canine behavior specialist to make an idea which will work for you and your dog.


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