22 Hilarious Dog Faces That’ll have you ever Laughing ‘Til You Can’t Breathe

One of the simplest things about having man’s ally as a pet is their amazingly expressive faces. Sometimes, our pups attempt to use their precious faces to urge out of trouble. Other times, they only wish to play tricks on our eyes. Either way, they’re just about always hilarious. (And in fact , super cute.)

These adorable dogs from round the web seriously have a number of the funniest faces you’ll see all day.

1. “Listen: I’m so sorry for what you’re about to find in the kitchen.”

"Listen: I'm so sorry for what you're about to find in the kitchen."


2. “Pssst! They don’t know it, but I just peed a little on the couch.”

"Pssst! They don't know it, but I just peed a little on the couch."


3. He really didn’t like that Sour Patch Kids’ flavor.

He really didn't like that Sour Patch Kids' flavor.



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