Do Dog Whistles Work? What Are They For?

Do Dog Whistles Work?

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This is the foremost important question. Unfortunately, like with all other training techniques, that answer can only tend as a “maybe.”

Every dog is different, and a few simply don’t answer a whistle command an equivalent way another might to voice or treats.

It’s best to understand your dog once you proceed with this method of coaching . Don’t dismiss training your dog completely if they don’t fancy the whistle. Try another method until you discover one that works for your individual pooch.

Do Dog Whistles Hurt Dogs’ Ears?

Some dog owners could be concerned that the high frequency of a dog whistle might actually hurt or damage their dogs’ ears.

It’s best to consider a dog whistle like all other whistle during this regard. When an individual blows a traditional whistle, it’ll likely get your attention. However, unless they blow it extremely loudly, or for an extended time, or directly next to your ear, the whistle isn’t likely to harm you. an equivalent is true of dogs and dog whistles.

So long as you don’t blow a dog whistle fortissimo , blast it for an extended time, or use it directly next to your dog’s head, it shouldn’t hurt or cause damage to the ears. That said, it’s best to find out from knowledgeable trainer the way to use a dog whistle properly and safely before you begin using one during training.

Do you have a whistle-trained dog? have you ever used a dog whistle before? allow us to know within the comments below!


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