Do Dog Whistles Work? What Are They For?

Even though many folks pet parents have loved dogs for our whole lives, few folks have actually used a dog whistle before. What are dog whistles, exactly? What do people use them for? Do they whip dogs into a frenzy like in cartoons?

A dog whistle, known also as a silent or Galton’s whistle–after inventor Francis Galton–is a high-pitched whistle generally used for dog training. The sound it emits comes from what’s referred to as the ultrasonic range, a pitch that’s so high humans can’t hear it.

Dogs can hear these sounds, however, as can cats and other animals. due to this, the dog whistle may be a favored training tool, though it’s going to not be for each dog owner. Here’s what you ought to realize dog whistles.

Training With A Dog Whistle

(Picture Credit: Getty Images/urbancow)

Dog whistles are most ordinarily used during dog training. you’ll often see them including clickers and treats to signal to a dog that they need performed a task correctly.

The noise they create will likely grab a dog’s attention, but they’re going to not usually make dogs go wild such as you may even see in cartoons or movies.

The type of dog whistle an individual uses doesn’t matter that much. While the foremost commonly used are physical whistles, you’ll also use digital ones. I even have a dog whistle app on my phone!

Training with a dog whistle, like all other sorts of dog training, will take time. But it are often one among the foremost successful sorts of communicating together with your dog once you want them to perform a particular behavior or task.

Other Purposes For Dog Whistles

While many pet owners enjoy the directness whistle training provides, this method also helps with other dog activities also .

Many canine sporting events and competitions utilize silent whistles to speak to dogs when to travel and when to prevent . you’ll see this tons in sheepdog competitions where whistle commands instruct the dogs on what to try to to . These whistles are usually not “silent” whistles, but their purpose is more or less an equivalent .

The silent whistle is used with hunting dogs or gun dogs, as well, since the range of frequency that hunting dogs can hear at is above many animals.


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