9 Safety Tips for Walking Dogs In Winter

October is already here and winter is simply round the corner. this suggests not only preparing yourself for low temperatures, but also getting your dog ready. When the snow falls and there is ice on the road, certain precautions are needed when walking dogs in winter on a daily basis. So here’s what you want to know.

Cold weather are often extremely harmful for dogs. Frostbite, hypothermia, and chemicals are all risks posed for dogs during the winter time. When ice first appears, people use tons of anti-snow and ice melters that contain harmful chemicals. If you are not using pet safe ice melt or enter unfamiliar territories, always remember and take precautions.

Ice itself is not any friend to dogs either. It can stick with your dog’s paws which may make them extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous for paw health. Ice shards can break off and cut your pup’s feet. Of course, most dogs still need daily walks, but there are steps you’ll fancy keep your dog safe, comfortable, and healthy on winter walks.

As someone who lives in places with serious polar vortex, I’m not stranger to walking dogs in winter with snow and ice all around. Here are nine tips for you and your dog.


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