I Tried Cooking for My Dogs — Here’s What I Learned

As American dog owners search for new ways to spoil their pets, a growing number of books are that specialize in safe-for-dogs recipes. 2011’s The Culinary Canine: Great Chefs Cook for his or her Dogs — then Can You! featured 30 chefs who happily cook for his or her dogs. In it, Dominique Crenn revealed her rescued Chihuahua Maximus “loves blueberries,” recommending a “poached chicken, organic rice , and blueberries” dish that wouldn’t be out of place during a food magazine. Chef Anita Lo, of latest York’s Annisa, offered a dog-friendly recipe for “roasted filet of bluefish with roasted yams, peas, and bacon.”

But for those aren’t so comfortable within the kitchen — or who would consider it torture to cook one meal for humans and another for his or her pets — books like Cooking for 2 — Your Dog and You offer a guide to interspecies dining. But simply because they will , should people and pets really eat an equivalent things? How do America’s dogs feel about home-cooked meals? i made a decision to seek out out.


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