I Tried Cooking for My Dogs — Here’s What I Learned

They eat pea shells and slices of apple, go nutty for spread , and would sell out their own mothers for a whole piece of bacon. Food can come on a plate, during a bowl on the ground , even on the ground , and it makes no difference. Not even the foremost fervent restaurant-goer loves food, and that i mean all food, the maximum amount as a dog.

But once we mention petfood , does anyone even have much to say? Most of it’s made up of ingredients deemed unfit for humans, which is why there’s a difference between so-called “human grade” and “feed grade” foods. Even the “good stuff” that comes during a can is not any more appetizing, starting from underwhelming pate-gray to chunky, syrupy brown meat bits.

American dog owners are increasingly feeding their pets as they feed themselves.

The dogs of America are ready for an upgrade. A recent Boston Globe article (title: “Millennials’ pets eat better than you”) reported that young pet owners are “feeding their pets as they feed themselves: free range, organic, and gluten-free.” The raw food diet that’s trendy among certain humans has also found its way into pet stores. Between 2014 and 2015, sales of freeze-dried and frozen raw pet foods increased 64 percent to $40 million and 32 percent to $52 million respectively, consistent with marketing research firm GfK. Statistics from the American Pet Products Association show that overall spending on pets increased to $60.28 million in 2015 from $28.5 in 2001. There are canine-friendly pop-ups with multi-course dog dinners, dog-exclusive restaurants, and a variety of “pooch hooch” dogs are actually lapping up.


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