How to Prevent a Dog from Chewing Electrical Cords

Why are dogs attracted to power cords?

Image by James Smith from Pixabay

Anything within your dog’s reach is fair game for chewing. Electrical cords are usually right at their level.

They also have a familiar appearance. From your dog’s perspective, power cords look a lot like chew sticks, which look a lot like bones. Nom-nom!

Why do our besties chew in the first place?

Before we dive into how to stop your beloved dog from gnawing through cords and wires, it’s important to understand why they chew at all.

Depending on the stage of your dog’s life, there are different reasons for chewing. ASPCA explains that puppies do it as a way to relieve the pain of teething. Grown dogs chew to keep their jaw strong, and teeth and gums healthy.

Chewing is also a coping mechanism for some dogs. It can help alleviate boredom, frustration, and anxiety.

Ways to prevent your dog from chewing electrical cords

There are a variety of tactics to put into play to help keep your dog away from power cords.

Hide power cords.

When Parker’s shoe obsession started years ago, I quickly learned to put my shoes away. Out of sight, out of mind. The same strategy applies to power cords.

Here are some ways you can remove electrical cords and wires from your dog’s view:

  • Hide electrical cords and chargers behind furniture.
  • Run cable and wires around doorways.
  • Store power strips, cords, cables, chargers, and adapters in cable management boxes.
  • Use cable ties and hooks to keep cords off floors and flush against walls.


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