8 Common Mistakes Owners Make When Training Their Dogs

3. Staying within the Same Place

You’ll probably be doing quite little bit of training in your home, as that’s where you and your dog live. But don’t confine your training to at least one place. Your dog will learn to behave within the house, but as soon as you get outside, they’ll have a way harder time listening .

Try training outside, at other homes you visit, or maybe at the dog park where there are new and different distractions. this manner your dog will learn to stay behavior consistent, regardless of where they or what’s happening around them.

4. an excessive amount of Clicking

Clicker training is getting pretty popular, and it’s an efficient training tool when used properly. But confirm you find out how to use it before you begin clicking away.

Your dog should associate the press with a gift , and if you stop rewarding your dog, the clicker becomes meaningless.

You should also stay according to just one click per desired behavior. If you click an excessive amount of while your dog is doing something, they’ll haven’t any idea exactly what behavior you’re rewarding. Communication is vital .


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