8 Common Mistakes Owners Make When Training Their Dogs

You’ve got a replacement furry addition to the family, and you can’t wait to start out training your pup to try to to all types of tricks. You’re getting to have the foremost well-behaved, happy, friendly dog on the block. But hold on before you jump into it.

There are many mistakes that dog owners make when training their pups. Before you start your own training routine, confirm you recognize what to not do.

Here are eight common mistakes you ought to avoid when teaching your pup new behaviors and tricks.

1. Correction-Based rather than Positive Reinforcement

Focusing on the negative isn’t nearly as effective of a training method as using positive reinforcement. Using punishment and dominance can cause tons of other problematic behavior for your pup within the future.

Additionally, if you combine positive and negative reinforcement, it makes it harder for your dog to work out whether they’re getting to be rewarded or punished.

Learn to anticipate your dog’s behavior. If your dog is close to do something they’re not supposed to–bark, for example–distract them with another command that they will answer , and reward them accordingly. This takes practice on both your parts.

2. Training For Too Long

Your training sessions should stop after you see positive results and continue at a later time.

If you train for too long, your dog may get bored and not have an interest in learning the new behavior that you’re trying to show . Or your pup can feel overloaded with new information and not retain what they’ve learned.

You don’t got to keep hammering home the lesson beat at some point . Training may be a process, and it’ll take time.


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