Brussels Griffon Dog Breed Information

The Brussels Griffon is a Belgian toy dog developed in the 1800s. Originally bred to catch rats in stables, the small dog was crossed with other breeds as it gained in popularity, including the Pug, King Charles Spaniel, Ruby toy spaniel, and the Affenpinscher, giving them an expressive squished monkey-like face with big, beautiful eyes, and a little underbite.

Their almost-human like expression and cocky composure have made them a favorite over the centuries. A toy dog with a big attitude and personality, the Brussels Griffon has emerged as a popular toy dog breed.

If you’re thinking about adding a Brussels to your family or if you’re just a fan of the breed, this article highlights some of the breed’s fun features as well as some practical information on health and temperament.

Breed Health and Wellness

Be careful of overfeeding and giving too many treats as they can gain weight very easily. They have a cute flat face (thanks to their crossbreeding with Pugs), but be aware that their flat faces can bring problems during times of the year when it’s hot and humid out.

For the most part, Brussels are pretty healthy. The American Brussels Griffon Association recommends that breeders screen for certain hereditary issues, including patellar luxation, and perform an eye exam. Optional tests include those screening for hip dysplasia, autoimmune thyroiditis, progressive retinal atrophy, and syringomyelia, which is a nervous system disorder. It occurs when a cavity in the spinal cord (usually in the neck) fills with too much fluid.


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