Do you ask yourself why Do Dogs Eat Dirt?

Dog behavior can be baffling. Why do they feel the need to chew on your shoes and furniture—even though they have a mountain of chew toys just a few feet away? Why do they insist on barking at the mail carrier—even though they come by the house at the same time every single day? Why do they do zoomies after a bath, roll around in the dirt, steal your socks out of the hamper and hide them all over the house…the questions are endless.

But there’s one dog behavior that’s especially baffling—and that’s when they decide to start eating dirt.

If your dog has a habit of turning your backyard into their very own personal snack drawer, you’re probably wondering why do dogs eat dirt—and what can you do to stop them?

Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons your dog might be eating dirt—and what you can do to correct the behavior (and protect your backyard):


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