4 reasons : why My Puppy Isn’t Eating ? ( reasons & advices )

When you welcome a puppy into your family, you welcome a bundle of energy fueled by food. Puppies need a healthy diet to keep them going as they continuously investigate their surroundings and satisfy their endless curiosity.

They also need food for their gangly bodies to grow into their big ears and paws.

You take the time to investigate and find the perfect food for your puppy. He or she loves it! Then, suddenly doesn’t. Why?

My puppy isn’t eating: common reasons

Your first reaction to your dog refusing food may be worry. Try your best to resist such feelings. There are common reasons perfectly healthy dogs aren’t interested in eating.

Puppies don’t know that hunger feeling

Are you ever so fixated on something you’re doing that you forget to eat? Sometimes puppies keep going and don’t even realize they’re hungry. New surroundings, new discoveries, new everything distracts from the desire to eat.

Ari Aycock-Williams DVM, DACLAM explains, “Even healthy puppies may not always recognize their body’s hunger signals.”


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